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This company did excellent work! They took the time and careful study and created a plan of action to replace a 10-foot-long section of the roof of my house. They replaced the infrastructure that supported that area as well because there was some mold damage. They comprehensively completed the job. Very professional and dependable! I will definitely use again! Thanks Jonas!

Dr. Deborah Chance

Fantastic job! They are courteous, punctual, and — most importantly — hard working. Our roof looks amazing! Very impressed with their work. They finished the job in one day! We definitely recommend Terrones Roofing.

Cesar Calderon

When it was time to repair or replace a commercial flat roof, I found it very difficult to get anyone to show up for an appointment or follow up. Terrones Roofing arrived on time and did everything they promised. They replaced the tar and gravel roof with a newer system, adding 2.5″ of insulation. The price was reasonable, and the work was very well done. They did go above and beyond to help with this project. I highly recommend them for commercial roof projects.

Alan Kirby

Supporting local businesses is so important, and this group does a fabulous job from start to finish. Please consider them for your roofing needs.

Beverly Swaim

Needed repairs done to my HOA’s Townhome community (18 townhome units). Terrones Roofing was very punctual compared to other roofing companies that I got estimates from. Great pricing, and he was very professional and listened carefully to what I needed. Some of the roofers I called did not even show up on time or show up at all. He was also very considerate when I told him I had a bad leak and needed it fixed before it rained next. He came out the day before it would rain to temporarily stop the leak. Shows that they care for their customers. They have excellent pricing/estimates compared to other companies and were fast in coming to do repairs. It was also very easy to contact them for updates or any questions.

Mary Chen

I have used Terrones Roofing many times, and they have never let me down! I highly recommend Jonas’ team as they are always on time, and they treat my home like it’s theirs. I won’t ever call any other person except Jonas with Terrones Roofing for any roof or gutter repair of any type.

John Searcy

Courteous, professional and reasonably priced.

Patty Trout

Great service! It was quick, good quality work. Would highly recommend!

Jenny Ariza

Great guys, good work. Would recommend.

Buddy Thomas

Highly recommend!!

Tina Whitlow